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This Nike ACG Flyprint Concept is Crazy

Designer Janis Sne has whipped up one hell of a concept shoe. With Nike keeping Flyprint prototypes locked away in Beaverton, Sne took it upon himself to imagine what new models could look like.

The result of that brainstorm is a sneaker that takes cues from Errolson Hugh’s Nike colabs, marrying them with data-driven performance. The ACG 3D Flyprint Prototype 01 is designed to feature a Gore-Tex membrane on its printed uppers, and a sole fit for tackling unsteady terrain.

If this prototype was ever realised, Sne recommends that each buyer’s foot be scanned so pairs can be personalised. The dream is big, but we’re on board. Nike, can you hurry up and hire this guy?

See Sne's design process and more images here.

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