New Balance 991 M991YBG
New Balance 991 M991YBG
New Balance 991 M991YBG

This New Balance 991 is Basted in Butterscotch Suede
Release: 21 August 2020

Style Code: M991YBG

Colourway: Yellow/Blue


The New Balance 991 is one of the few 99x entries being produced out of the heritage brand’s UK factories, as opposed to the U.S. With access to slightly different colours and materials, the Flimby team douse this high-end runner turned sneaker essential with gooey shades of butterscotch-yellow suede, contrasted by grey mesh inserts and blue accents.

Some experienced sneakerheads may recognise the resemblance to another classic sneaker that uses this particular colour and material configuration, but, fact of the matter is that it also looks great here.

Out now directly from New Balance.

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