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This Air Force 1 is a Textbook Contrasting Colourway

Nike Air Force 1 Split 4Nike Air Force 1 Split 4
Nike Air Force 1 Split 5
Nike Air Force 1 Split 2
Nike Air Force 1 Split 1
Nike Air Force 1 Split 3

‘Split’ is an all-out cacophony of contrast, utilising one of the fundamental elements of design to the nth degree.

Stark black and white contrast aside, closer inspection reveals a split, too. The shoe's black leather is smooth as silk, while its opposing white side is built with pebble-grain leather.

We saw the shoe appearing through a small selection of international retailers recently, but now that the official Nike flicks have surfaced we’re expecting a wider release.

There still isn’t an official global release date attached to the Nike Air Force 1 ‘Split’, stay tuned.

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