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Nike 'What The' Humaras Almost Hit the Spot

It's no secret we're fans of 90s-era ACG-esque off-roaders, so there's always a frisson of expectation when a new Humara pack pops up. Case in point is this pair of new school colour-ups. The OG black/maize Humara re-released at the close of 2017 is still utter perfection, but with the Supreme x Humara colab a commercial bust, the pressure was on for Nike to restore some street-cred to the nameplate.

Both pairs clearly have massive potential, but we can't help but feel Nike missed a total KO here. With both jungle and desert camo — and a swelter of off-kilter colours and textures — the end result is a tad too busy, especially the faux cyclone-fencing motif. Sometimes less is more, which is a damn shame in this case!

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