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These adidas Yung-1s Will Only Set You Back $1500

The floodgates have opened after adidas unveiled the Yung-1's release date. Next on the list is a very special colourway that will cost you a pretty penny.

Remember back in December when the only way to cop Desert Rats was to commit to a three-piece $760 Yeezy bundle? Well, Wardrobe.NYC have teamed up with Team Trefoil to step it up a notch – specifically, 1500 notches.,

In order to pick up these exclusive Yung-1s, you'll need to drop $1500 on a 10-piece sportswear-inspired collection by Wardrobe.NYC. While some might, over time, spend an average of $150 per piece without too much concern, a $1500 lump sum is scary. However, the capsule covers the whole 'fit including t-shirts, shorts and track tops.

The limited Yung-1 in this collection sports coffee and cream panels on the upper. White is featured on the mesh underlays, Three Stripes and shoelaces. A gum sole rounds out the minimalist vibes.

Pre-order the Release 02 Sport collection today from Wardrobe.NYC or wait for the official public release in July.

Or... if you'd prefer to hold onto your pennies, you could try and track down Zara's riff on a Wave Runner, which, would ya believe, is identical to the Yung-1.

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