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02 Jan 2018

Releases Apple

These Apple Sneakers ain't Cheap at $59,999.99!

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Apple Sneaker
Apple Sneaker Sole

The Internet has long-known about these mysterious Apple sneakers, but the real deal has very rarely been sighted, even by dedicated hunters of this prize relic.

Released in the early 90s as a gift for employees of the tech giant, the design is a generic hybrid that looks like a Reebok Club C and a Nike Wimbledon were stuffed in a blender together. Regardless, this is one sneaker that could easily end up in the Smithsonian alongside Apple’s Lisa computer and the new all-black iMac Pro.

The only catch is the price is... kinda high! A different version to this pair sold in the middle of 2017 for $15k (or $30k depending on the source), so the street value is certainly open to interpretation and speculation.

According to the owner on eBay, this version of the shoe features unique rainbow logos and is in pretty good nick. “Mine aren't in deadstock, DS condition, but the patina on these is on point.”

Listed for sale at $59,999, they certainly ain’t cheap either. But as they say in the classics: "Try finding another pair".

Oh yeah, one other thing. They were originally found in a charity store for 50 cents.

02 Jan 2018

Releases Apple

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