Tarvas Explorer Blue On Foot Front Angle
Tarvas Explorer Blue On Foot Rear Angle
Tarvas Explorer Blue On Foot Lateral

The Tarvas Explorer is Filled with Finnish Excellence

You’d be forgiven if you haven’t heard of Tarvas before. Named after an ancient moose, there’s no messing around here.

Instead of announcing themselves as the greatest thing since sliced bread in the sneaker world, the Finnish label quietly perfected its product. In fact, its high quality netted an Engineered Garments collaboration in 2019.

This is the Explorer – designed to do just that. No-nonsense in CORDURA uppers, the durability factor is ramped up further with textured mudguards that wrap along the entire shoe. Subtly nodding to its Nordic origins, elements like woven rope laces and hardy leather lining give nod to the utilitarian hiking footwear of the region. Add a low-profile foam midsole and grippy rubber outsole, and this is the perfect street stalker that’s ready for any adverse conditions thrown at it.

Tarvas is a young but esteemed brand, applying a discerning eye to its tight distribution network of the world’s finest boutiques. Only a dozen outlets carry it – get yours from Sydney’s Big Trouble Store or CHCM if you're in New York, and a handful of stores in Finland and Japan.

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