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The Shoe Surgeon X Air Jordan 1 Full
The Shoe Surgeon X Air Jordan 1 Full
The Shoe Surgeon X Air Jordan 1 Full

The Shoe Surgeon Lasers the Air Jordan 1

When it comes to being a sneaker lover, there are many alluring traits. One commonality amongst most sneakerheads is the constant chase for footwear exclusivity. In this current climate of big brand collaborations, extremely limited drops, and rapper-attached hype releases, the reseller market has redefined the term ‘exclusivity’ to mean ‘who’s willing to spend the most money’, but there is still a line and that, my friends, is a one-of-one bespoke custom.

While there are many big names that deserve to be mentioned when writing about the niche world of sneaker customisation, one titan immediately comes to mind: The Shoe Surgeon. Over his career, The Shoe Surgeon has produced the highest calibre of one-offs, with the latest being an Air Jordan 1 in partnership with Corey Divine, an LA-based tattoo artist.

Apart from being constructed with the highest quality materials, the upper of this one-of-a-kind creation has been laser engraved by Divine using his signature geometric tattoo style. If flexing a one-off piece of sneaker-art doesn’t sit near the top of your list of sneaker-aspirations, we’d really like to know what does.


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