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The Return Of The Osiris D3
The Return Of The Osiris D3 2
The Return Of The Osiris D3 1

The Return Of The Osiris D3

There was a time not so long ago when jeans billowed and people skated with padded tissue boxes on their feet. Skate shoes transcended simple silhouettes and became faux-tech spacecraft replete with wild moulded exoskeletons and swollen tongues harbouring stash-pockets. Osiris were at the forefront of this puffy frontier and Dave Mayhew’s third signature shoe, the D3, became the poster child of the era – thanks to its air pockets and undulating lace loops. Allegedly the ‘best selling’ skate shoe of all time, the D3 spread from the streets to the suburbs and made its chubby way to the feet of such cultural luminaries as Fred Durst and Avril Lavigne. And then, as always, things changed. People started skating in vulcanised slippers and Osiris’ golden goose waddled off to the peripheries of mainstream culture (although apparently still popular in certain pockets of Europe) to lay down to die.

And then, 15 years after its inception, Osiris slide a pic of the D3 back into our lives (via Instagram feed) like it’s no big deal. Apparently dropping ‘very soon’ the futuristic silhouette still looks every bit as divisive as it did back in 2001. Is the world ready?

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