PUMA Suede Classic XXI Snipes
PUMA Suede Classic XXI Snipes
PUMA Suede Classic XXI Snipes

The PUMA Suede is An All-Time Classic
Release: 19 November 2020

Style Code: 374915 02

Colourway: High Risk Red/Puma White

After over 50 years and counting, the PUMA Suede is still a staple sneaker for ballers and breakers from the Bronx to Berlin, and everywhere in between. The descriptor ‘classic’ is often thrown around with abandon, but the Suede truly epitomises the concept. It’d be a lie to say the Suede is back, because it never left!

In 2020, the Suede Classic XXI celebrates its sleek style, historical impact, and universal appeal with a period correct rebuild in archival colourways. Here’s a quick crash course on this forever-fresh footwear.,

PUMA Suede Classic XXI Snipes Red
PUMA Suede Classic XXI Snipes Black

The Suede was a ground-breaking shoe upon its 1968 debut because of its then-unconventional use of its namesake material. Until that point in time, most athletic sneakers were made from either canvas or leather, which aesthetically made them better suited for sports than streets. Thanks to its velvety texture, vibrant colours, and flexible rubber soles, the Suede was ready to rock out of the box courtside, before heading straight to the sidewalk to flash its unmistakable contrast Formstripe and goldfoil stamping.

A tweaked signature model on the feet of Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier during his on- and off-court exploits in the 1970s resulted in the model being even more sought-after. And its front-and-centre appearance in seminal 1984 Bronx-based film Beat Street had a new generation of dancers young and old scrambling to source Suedes that were as fresh as their moves.

Today, the Suede’s living legacy is embraced by long-time fans of the Formstripe, while a new generation is also attracted to its easy styling and archival aesthetic. The PUMA Suede Classic XXI is available now at SNIPES’ webstore and across their 200-plus-store global network!

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