Nike Air Vapor Max 360 Ck2718 002 Lateral
Nike Air Vapor Max 360 Ck2718 003 Lateral
Nike Air Vapor Max 360 Ck2718 100 Lateral

The Nike Air VaporMax 360 is Coming, Unexpectedly
Release: TBC

Style Code: CK2718-002

Colourway: Grey/Red

Pundits from the old days of sneakers will remember the Air Max 360 from 2006, the first Air Max sneaker to not have any foam in the midsole. Now, 13 years later, out of the blue, Nike is returning the 360 to shelves, albeit with a VaporMax sole attached.

The Swoosh seem to have somewhat paid attention to the little details in this footwear fusion. For example, the eyelet text is updated to ‘2020’, referencing the original that had ‘2006’. One of the launch colourways is the same light grey and red as the first 360. The other two colours, as seen above, are a mostly black edition, plus a grey with lime green.

What are your thoughts on this hybrid? Either way, you’ve still got a bit of time to get your head around them in the months leading up to a supposed late-2019 or early-2020 release.

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