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Nike Air Pressure Returns 2
Nike Air Pressure Bump
Nike Air Pressure Bump 2
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Nike Air Pressure Returns 3
Nike Air Pressure Returns 4
Nike Air Pressure Returns 5
Nike Air Pressure Returns 6
Nike Air Pressure Returns

The Nike Air Pressure Returns

UPDATE: Today's the day we never thought would happen, the Air Pressure is back on shelves! Head to NDC now to pick them up.

At the dawn of the '90s, the sneaker wars were fierce and the battle for dominance on the hardwood court reached new heights — literally and figuratively! Reebok was responsible for a paradigm shift within the industry thanks to their Pump technology debuted in the 1989 basketball classic The Pump, breaking new ground in terms of cushioning and fit and ruffling enough feathers in Portland for Nike to rush into creating their own hightop basketball trainer with similar functions. The following year, the Nike Air Pressure was released to go head-to-head against The Pump with its very own customisable pump collar via a separate inflation device. Although the expensive Air Pressure had its issues and the bulky collar and finicky pump design was refined a year later with the Air Command Force, together with its striking design and futuristic translucent packaging, the sneaker became an icon for early '90s sneaker design and highly sought after by basketball sneaker collectors for decades after it left shelves.

For the first time since 1990, Nike announced today that the Air Pressure will finally return in all its retro glory on the 14th of January, complete with the original packaging and inflation gun. Hightop retro basketball trainers are not on-trend whatsoever right now, so you know Nike is bringing this towering trainer back from the vaults just for the fans that know. The remaining OG examples have long been regulated to shelves and display cases to slowly crumble away, so if you want to rock some heat like it's 1990 all over again, select Nike accounts will begin stocking the Air Pressure before the end of the week!

- Originally Published 12th January, 2016

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