ARTICLE BY Mykal Hoang
Nike Air Max 98 Tear Away Front Full
Nike Air Max 98 Tear Away Lateral Inside
Nike Air Max 98 Tear Away Top 3 M
Nike Air Max 98 Top Packaging
Nike Air Max 98 Tear Away Heel
Nike Air Max 98 Tear Away 3 M Lateral Side
Nike Air Max 98 Top Full Both

The Nike Air Max 98 Gets a Tearable Twist
Release: 30 March 2023

Style Code: CJ0634-101

Colourway: Tear-away

It seems the creative minds over in Beaverton have been working on overdrive this year, with both tech and fashion innovations rolling out faster than you can say 'Swoosh'.

The latest silhouette to tear itself away from the stylistic norm of sneaker colourways is the Nike Air Max 98. The big-bubbled-beauty has followed the Air Force 1's unique footsteps by presenting itself with a modifiable twist. Dotted lines with accompanying scissor marks can be found all along the upper, which encourages wearers to get creative and remove panels to reveal the myriad of colours underneath. Now don't go too overboard with your slicing and hacking, as it's still a canvas upper, so be sure to follow the 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' on the unique packaging!

No solid release date yet, but make sure to keep your eyes on Nike to tear away your piece of history.

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