Nike Air Max 97 Grey/Black
Nike Air Max 97 Grey/Black
Nike Air Max 97 Grey/Black
Nike Air Max 97 Grey/Black
,Nike Air Max 97 Grey/Black

The Nike Air Max 97 Growls in Black and Grey
Release: TBC

Colourway: Black/Grey

While other silhouettes in the Swoosh canon keep the hype train a movin’, the Nike Air Max 97 just keeps delivering GR heat on the down low. The latest AM97 set to hit stores in the coming weeks is this two-toned black and grey offering that makes full use of the model’s signature wavy lines. 

Other impressive Air Max 97s to hit the scene so far this year have included the light and breezy ‘South Beach’, a silver bullet–inspired scheme to help celebrate National Puerto Rican Day, multiple cork-infused designs, and a sugar-sweet Easter option. And who could forget Lil Nas X’s reinterpretation? Sure, it wasn’t an official Nike release, but it sure did make headlines when it dropped back in March.

Despite many insisting that the Air Max 97’s signature aesthetic was inspired by a Japanese bullet train, the mind behind the design, Christian Tresser, says the layered uppers actually reference ripples of water in a pond. Regardless of which version you choose to believe, the Air Max 97 sure has left an indelible mark on the sneakersphere.

Pairs of this grey and black Air Max 97 are expected to hit Nike and selected Swoosh stockists very soon!

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