ARTICLE BY Mykal Hoang
Nike Air Max 90 Gold Snakeskin Lateral Side
Nike Air Max 90 Gold Snakeskin Heel
Nike Air Max 90 Gold Snake Skin Lateral Inside
Nike Air Max 90 Gold Snake Skin Front Full

The Nike Air Max 90 Hits a New Level of Opulence
Release: TBC

Style Code: CW2656-001

Colourway: Gold Iridescent Snakeskin

For some, this year is the Year of the Rat. For others, it's a the whole 'new decade, new me' vibe. For sneakerheads, 2020 is the year of the Nike Air Max 90.

The latest commemorative drop of the popular wardrobe staple takes on a luxe-inspired makeover with a finish that is sure to break necks. A tasteful selection of orange and teal has been tactfully applied to distinct design features of the AM90, and the opulent snakeskin texture shimmers in iridescent gold to catch and hold any wandering eyes. Smooth black leather mudguards ground the sheikh-worthy colourway, while a cool grey midsole shifts the scales into balance.

No solid date yet on when this scaly gold will drop but, as more info is revealed, we will be sure to let you know.

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