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The Nike Air Icarus Returns 2
The Nike Air Icarus Returns 1

The Nike Air Icarus Returns

Today is a great day for Nike vintage running heads – the Air Icarus is officially back! As per usual, these have quietly popped up at a slew of spots in Japan, but we also feel that a full roll-out is imminent. What we're looking at specifically is catalogue scans of two returning OGs – so don't take them for face value just yet. At this point after a two decade-plus hiatus, though, we will take anything we can get in the form of an Icarus. Colours look strong on both, considering the only reference points we have to go by are extremely aged OGs from 1991 – we will just have to wait and see in person how true the construction is to the original. Stay tuned, we don't wanna miss these, and nor do we want you to miss these either. Praise the running overlords. Images via Sneakers Addicts.

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