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The New Nike Koston 3 Is Very Different

UPDATE: Following the early images from Atlas, Nike have now released official images that give us a better look at this unusual skate silhouette inspired by the Kobe Elite 9.

The new Eric Koston 3 isn't just different from what we're used to seeing from the OG skater's footwear line, it's different from any skate shoe anywhere. The shoe is a huge deviation from the standard silhouette on skate footwear for one obvious reason – it has a sock. Hypebeast commenters are already going in on the shoe for its flagrant differences, likening it to Ugg boots among other things. But, maybe a more performance focused — rather than aesthetically focused — skate shoe is what skating needs. And maybe, this shoe will mark a departure in the market from kids pretending All Stars are fine to skate in because grimy NY skate cliques do it. Eric Koston is a known sneakerhead, and since he has notably contributed to the design of all his signature shoes since the eS days, and is something of a god, we're just gonna trust him on this one.

No release date is floating around yet, but we'll let you know when one's locked in. Photos via Atlas.

- Originally Published 24th February, 2016

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