New Balance 920 M920SB
New Balance 920 M920SB
New Balance 920 M920SB
New Balance 920 M920SB

The New Balance 920 Channels the 1990s
Release: 27 August 2021

Style Code: M920SB

Colourway: White/Blue

Look familiar? The New Balance 920 may have only been born last year, but it’s already exhibiting signs of old age – not that that’s a bad thing! Those well versed with the 920 will already have recognised it borrowing features from predecessor models, namely the midsole from the 990v3, and an upper that’s strangely reminiscent of a bunch of different NB runners, but not quite one exact type. The next piece of the puzzle is this conspicuously familiar colour scheme, which astute types will recognise from the 850 from the mid 1990s.

But first, here’s another breakdown of the 920 model, which NB haven’t wrung out as much as some of their other premium offerings. The 920 is a spiritual descendent of the brand’s 900 and 1000 series runners, as evidenced by the aforementioned 990v3 midsole and mnemonic model name. These on-paper details are backed up by IRL proof of NB’s Made In England quality, which naturally involves fine lashings of suede and mesh, plus that velvety lining that one SF writer keeps ragging on about.

On the colourway front, there are indeed striking similarities to the Stephanie Howard–designed 850. That blue and black combo on white is definitive of the era, and the additional yellow hits are undoubtedly designed to evoke comparisons to the throwback.

This 920 is available now from New Balance Japan, with global availability expected soon.

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