New Balance 574 All-Terrain Pack
New Balance 57/40 All-Terrain Pack
New Balance 57/40 All-Terrain Pack CORDURA

The New Balance 574 and 57/40 All-Terrain Pack Heralds Its Hiking Heritage
Release: 29 October 2021

Style Code: U574TE2

Colourway: All-Terrain Pack

New Balance became pioneers in off-road footwear over 40 years ago after they ingeniously fitted their 320 runner with studded rubber tread to help adventurous joggers tackle the trails. These days, the sidewalk can be as treacherous as a valley crossing, so NB’s off-road ingenuity comes as standard on models across their offering. Enter the ,574 and 57/40 All-Terrain Pack, a retrofuturistic celebration of NB’s greatest and latest intrepid tech in a slick lifestyle package.

New Balance 574 All-Terrain Pack
New Balance 574 All-Terrain Pack
New Balance 574 All-Terrain Pack

First introduced circa 1988, the 574 was a culmination of flagship cushioning technology paired to a durable suede and mesh upper, held together by a grippy lug tread sole designed specifically to go off the beaten path. As it happened, the urbanites who took the 574 on their weekend hikes refused to take them off upon returning to the city, because they were just that good! Decades on, its inclusion in the All-Terrain pack is a historical homage to some of the important tech and textiles that defines the category. The standard suede and mesh uppers are reinforced with water-resistant CORDURA fabric – as used on the Everest-conquering NB Rainier boot – and are cinched with flecked roped laces as found on iconic examples of the genre, like the 801. Throwback colourways and appropriate midsole speckling highlighting ENCAP tech simply magnetise adventure.

New Balance 57/40 All-Terrain Pack CORDURA
New Balance 57/40 All-Terrain Pack GORE-TEX
New Balance 57/40 All-Terrain Pack 3M

Joining the 574 in the All-Terrain pack is its inspired descendent, the 57/40, which has been adapted for inclement conditions in spite of its terra firma preferences. Three makeups each celebrate a particular technology that’s kept NB off-road shoes – and the people wearing them – safe for decades. CORDURA makes another appearance here, and it won’t be the last either: the tightly woven textile has laughed off moisture and abrasion since the 1960s, so it’s sticking around for a while longer. GORE-TEX, aka the ultimate flex, is just as essential walking through the seafood section of the market as it is trudging through the Matterhorn, thanks to its waterproof yet breathable membrane ensuring the foot remains comfortable. And 3M reflective – the original and the best – absolutely lights up any sneaker and assists with safety and visibility, especially if the entire upper is silver!

While jungles of the urban variety are more familiar habitats today, and overgrown gardens represent the call of the wild, the New Balance 574 and 57/40 All-Terrain pack lives up to its name and is ready for just that. Get set for adventure from New Balance right now!

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