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The New Balance 520 Receives A Crisp, Clean Makeover

New Balance's 35-year history in the quaint English village of Flimby has long been celebrated in the sneaker community. However, years before they would be 'Made in UK', NB were hard at work churning out premium shoes over on the Emerald Isle. Emerging from the then-recently established Irish factory at the end of the 80s, the 520 was an all new model that would serve as a stepping stone to New Balance designs of the 70s and 80s – incorporating the separated saddle of earlier NB runner models, but with an extended design that would become a staple for decades to come.

Proving the timelessness of the 520's design, New Balance have hit the model with a clean and modern makeover in cool, neutral tones. The colour scheme is complemented by a breezy mesh base that's reinforced with smooth leather overlays, while the heels have been offset in cool grey suede for a touch of tradition.

The New Balance 520 in 'White/Grey' is available right now, exclusively through Hype DC.

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