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The ‘Majin Bu’ DBZ x adidas Kamanda Could Drop a Month Early

If you told us last year that one of 2018’s most-hyped releases would be a pack of Dragon Ball Z sneakers, we wouldn’t have believed you. Yet, here we are. Seven sneakers characterised by the anime’s friends and foes have been making headlines since January. And now that we’re finally at the tail-end of the saga, release rumours are flying this way and that.

Last we saw, this ‘Majin Bu’ Kamanda was slated to hit shelves with Vegeta’s Ultra Tech in November. Though new info from SBD suggests the release will come a month early. Unlike a post-Dabura Krillin, nothing about this release is set in stone. With adidas keeping hushed this whole time, the release mightn’t even happen at all (a fake-out that would be legendary).

With supposed drop dates around the corner, we’ll know soon enough. Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragon ball Z leaks, and read up on the characters the colab forgot about here.

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