Nike Air Vapormax Laceless Se 1
Nike Air Vapormax Laceless Se 2

Attention: Laceless VaporMax is Available Now

If you've lost track of Laceless VaporMax updates recently, we can't blame you. Here's another: it's available right now.

Last week it was December 1. Yesterday is was sooner. Today it's today. Unless you're American, in which case it's still December 1.

You’ll have to act fast to get a pair though, sizes are selling out! So lock down pair, bust out a Sharpie and scribble Comme des Garcons down the side and fool your friends into thinking they're extra fancy; or, for the simple folk such as ourselves, just enjoy them as they are – sleek and soulful.

Named the Nike Air VaporMax SE Flyknit, the sneaker is available now at Nike stockists and on their web store everywhere (except North America, y’all will have to wait until December).

Now ReadingAttention: Laceless VaporMax is Available Now
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