J W Anderson Converse Front Shot 6
J W Anderson Converse Heel Shot 5
J W Anderson Converse Sole Shot 3
J W Anderson Converse Front Angle Shot 1
J W Anderson Converse Close Up Heel Shot 2
,J W Anderson Converse Close Up 4

The JW Anderson Converse Will Get a Global Release
Release: 12 February 2019

Converse have been putting out strong colabs as of late, from crazy colour combos with Braindead, all the way to Punk Inspiration with UNDERCOVER. Now the hiking-inspired iteration of the JW Anderson Converse Chuck 70 will receive a global release. Decked out in a rugged outsole in contrasting colours, the midsole is filled with EVA cushioning. Chunky shoes are still surprisingly on trend, so there's no doubt that this monster will sell out... fast.

Originally dropping exclusively on the JW Anderson web store, the JW Anderson Converse Run Star Hikes will be available on February 12 at and select boutiques.

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