Gucci Gg Wool Sneaker Front Angle Shot 4
Gucci Gg Wool Sneaker 1
Gucci Gg Wool Sneaker Top Shot 2
Gucci Gg Wool Sneaker Heel Shot 3

The Gucci Ace Gets Warmed Up in Some Wool
Release: 15 February 2019

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: N/A

The Gucci gang just got cold from wearing too much ice, so they are trying to warm up in some Ace sneakers that have been decked out head-to-toe in wool. Still keeping the same classic Ace shape, Gucci have dressed the normally leather sneaker in a double G print. A warm navy wool has been used for the base, while white leather overlays help make that Gucci statement.,

If you wanted to be officially inducted into the Gucci gang, head over to Farfetch to cop yourself a pair of these.

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