Salomon XT 4 Advanced FW20
Salomon XT 4 Advanced FW20
Salomon XT 4 Advanced FW20

The FW20 Salomon XT-4 Advanced Drops an Avalanche of Alpine Steez
Release: 9 October 2020

Salomon’s latest batch of trail-turned-techwear runners were previewed at the beginning of the season, but here’s a closer look at two colourways of the fan favourite XT-4 Advanced. Ever since its contemporary crossover to the sneaker world via Parisian boutique The Broken Arm, the XT-4 has wholeheartedly embraced its designers’ proclivity to drench it in all sorts of vivid colours. FW20 is no different, pairing up colours that, on paper, shouldn’t work together, but in reality, are a match made in trail-running heaven.

The XT-4 Advanced is a model within the experimental Salomon S/LAB range, so it’s decked out with the works. The uppers, while appearing multilayered, are actually all seamlessly welded together. A base layer of breathable mesh is bonded to faux-carbon TPU overlays that provide structure to the midfoot and heel counter, reinforced further by the rubberised toe bumper. Underfoot, Salomon’s Active Chassis System (ACS) is paired with their distinct chevron-shaped Contragrip outsole for adaptive cushioning and grip. And, keeping things together is the patented Quicklace system for knot-less fit adjustment. Of course, this is all gloriously over-engineered for the street use that the majority of pairs will see, but it’s a big flex either way.

Salomon XT 4 Advanced FW20,

Onto the colours. This season sees butterscotch to baby blue gradient mesh, with a gunmetal carbon wrap, plus some red through the sole for some pop. Pretty interesting, but the other option is for the properly adventurous. Powder blue mesh, paired to burgundy-dipped overlays, which could’ve come to fruition during some ‘research’ runs in the namesake wine-producing region to the north-west of Salomon’s Annecy HQ. Sip it up!

Both of the Salomon XT-4 FW20 colourways are out now from boutiques like Slam Jam, END. and Bodega.

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