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The Dior Homme Trainer is Better than All Other Luxury Sneakers

Where other fashion labels have Columbus'd the look, Dior Homme's first expedition into dad shoe territory charts new ground.

Their new release, the Dior Homme Trainer, harnesses bulk's irresistible appeal without trolling. It’s refined, simple and comes in two colourways just vibrant enough to catch attention. Most importantly, it’s extra thick in all the right places. We’ve been seeing it for a while now without any news of release. Spotted in the shoes last year, A$AP Rocky is clearly already a fan, while Big Sean and Bella Hadid embraced the look a little later at Dior’s Winter 2018/2019 show.

After all the teasing, we’ve finally got word of when we can buy the sneaker. The Trainer hit stores on February 9 and will be available in-store from Dior for $970 USD. It’s a hefty ask, but, if you’re planning on dropping a stack in the next week, spend your money on designer quality and not resale hype.

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,Now ReadingThe Dior Homme Trainer is Better than All Other Luxury Sneakers

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