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ARTICLE BY Boon Mark Souphanh
Converse Twisted Prep Pack Sneakerhub On White1
Converse Twisted Prep Pack Sneakerhub On White3

The Converse 'Twisted Prep' Collection Patches Up the Chuck 70
Release: 23 January 2020

Style Code: CO986SH19TUI

Colourway: Amarillo, Faded Spruce & Rose Maroon

The classic Converse Chuck 70 is a perennial sneaker staple, well entrenched in rotations worldwide. The sneaker’s clean-cut aesthetic will always hold a special place in our hearts, but many new-gen sneaker fiends hanker for something a little wilder ­– and that’s where the all-new ‘Twisted Prep’ collection comes in.

Featuring the two high-tops and a low-cut rendition, the ‘Twisted Prep’ trio builds on the timeless Chuck 70, taking that familiar New England style and updating it with a haphazard assortment of shirting-inspired prints and patchwork details. Additionally, contemporary comfort comes through via Ortholite insoles in each pair.


Constructed with woven jacquard, there’s a Chuck 70 High and Low with uppers dressed in a tantalising tartan textile. The former is the more reserved of the duo, opting for a black and white patch pattern. Meanwhile, the Low makes up for its lack of stature with a vibrant combination of ‘Amarillo’, ‘Faded Spruce’ and ‘Rose Maroon’.

Not veering as far from convention, the final high-top features suede uppers in a more traditional arrangement. ‘Faded Spruce’ green is the hue of choice, allowing patched details to take centre stage on the medial Chuck Taylor ankle branding, towards the collar, and just above the midsole stitching.

Ready to get twisted? All four colourways from the latest collection are available right now at SneakerHub.

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