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The Converse Pro Leather ‘Birth of Flight’ Celebrates Dr. J’s Charity Stripe Slam

Converse's 'Birth of Flight' Pro Leather official shot
Converse's 'Birth of Flight' Pro Leather official shot
Converse's 'Birth of Flight' Pro Leather official shot
Converse's 'Birth of Flight' Pro Leather official shot

As sneaker lovers, we know that basketball’s 130-year history has been defined by iconic memories, legendary players, and trailblazers. Immersed in the game for much of that long journey, Converse are honouring the barrier-breaking moments achieved on and off the court, prepping a collection of commemorative creps – including this stunning ‘Birth of Flight’ Pro Leather.

On August 5, 1976, the National Basketball Association (NBA) merged with the American Basketball Association (ABA), ultimately changing the artistry and athleticism of the game forever. A bona fide superstar of that era, Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving, recalls that literally game-changing stanza.

‘When I think back to that year, it signalled the coming together of two things into something great,’ says Erving. ‘It marked the end of an era, on one hand, but it also marked the beginning of another exciting era. Hopefully, that time will never be forgotten.’

One of the extraordinary moments immortalised from ’76 will always be Erving’s soaring flight from the charity stripe (free throw line) during the ABA Slam Dunk Contest – performed with Converse Pro Leathers on his feet.

Created to celebrate Dr. J’s high-flying display, plus the 45th anniversary of the final ABA season, the ‘Birth of Flight’ Pro Leather is dressed in the original ABA colours, interchangeable star chevrons, and a chenille fabric patch in the shape of a ball on both heels. Additionally, the full leather upper is elevated with a gold foil deboss, while the midsole wears the OG brick pattern. The throwback baller is completed with some modern tech, including a SmartFOAM sockliner to elevate the comfort levels.

The Converse Pro Leather ‘Birth of Flight’ releases at Converse Australia on February 18.

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