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The Converse Fastbreak Is Back With An 80s Attitude


Converse have snapped back to a time when shoulder pads were plentiful and car phones were a thing – the ostentatious 80s are enjoying a retro revival thanks to the Fastbreak.

When the sneaker first released, it marked the start of a new era for basketball. Loaded with more tech than the previous model, the Fastbreak ushered in the fast-paced style of play that we see now. Soon the new shoe dominated the game, no more evident than at the 1984 Olympic games when a handful of Team USA’s star players received their gold medals strapped in Fastbreaks – with a long list of similar moments to its name, the iconic Converse is a truly legendary style. Now the brand are injecting modern tech into three vintage colourways, tucking a Lunarlon liner inside the plush leather build to make it the most comfortable Fastbreak to date – all without sacrificing that quintessentially 80s flavour.

The new Converse Fastbreak is available now at select stockists, or head on over to the Converse web store and have them send a pair your way.

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