Converse Goretex Chuck 70 Hi Front Angle
Converse Goretex Chuck 70 Hi Close Detail
Converse Goretex Chuck 70 Hi Ankle Patch
Converse Goretex Chuck 70 Hi Ankle Detail

The Converse Chuck 70 Lets Everybody Know It’s Gore-Tex
Release: 15 August 2019

Style Code: 164912C

Colourway: Black Gore-Tex

Converse have added Gore-Tex lining to their sneakers before, usually the premium Chuck 70 model. They do so again with this new colourway, presented in classic black and white.

What differs from usual Chucks is the dense honeycomb-style ripstop nylon upper, which already offers a higher degree of water resistance. However, Gore-Tex products are generally treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to help water bead off the fabric. Gore-Tex’s breathable membrane lines the inside of this high-top, and wearers will know this shoe has it thanks to the enlarged ankle branding. A narrower, densely woven shoelace also prevents excess soakage.

Available now from Livestock, who demonstrate the water-repellence of this Chuck in the images above.

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