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The Classically Styled Nike Air Max 270 Futura

Swoosh central only recently unveiled their shiny new Air Max model, and we’re already glimpsing the follow-up iteration! Branded the Air Max 270 Futura, the new design features the same rounded rump sole but has been given a heritage-styled upper.

A recurring theme in our line of work is that old Nikeheads are hard to please when it comes to anything new (or ill-considered retro releases) but we think this new design has all the right ingredients to please all but the most salty sneaker aficionado.

There’s even a little bit of a dad vibe reaching out to generation Xanax (seriously though kids, don’t mess with those prescription drugs, stay in school, etc.). Though the Futura may not be the next must-gram shoe, it’s likely to be a go-to for the daily grind.

The Nike Air Max 270 Futura is rumoured to be dropping on July 1, we’ll keep you posted.

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