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Jordan Off White Powder Blue Box
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The Box That Broke the Camel's Back: Off-White AJ1 Edition

Nike and Off-White have put us through a lot. Insanely hyped releases. Crashing websites. Exorbitant resale. Stalled releases. Unannounced but cray-limited re-ups. Cancelled orders. NOW THIS.

The final straw: Off-White Air Jordan 1s ‘Powder Blue’ shipped in the wrong box. Consider the camel’s back broken.

One sneaker lover who managed, against all odds, to score a pair of the coveted kicks was shattered to receive the shoes in a humdrum Jordan Brand box. While non-collectors might respond to that with a simple ‘Who cares? It’s just a box!’ well, you’re/we’re wrong. For many, the box is as coveted as its contents.

And so the disgruntled punter took to Twitter.

We're pretty sure the story stops there, but we'll update you if there's a second instalment of MrSilentMonk and the Wrong Box Fiasco. After its unannounced drop on SNKRS recently, a wider release of the Off-White AJ1 'Power Blue' rumoured for June 9.

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