Adidas Yung 1 Trail Pink Front
Adidas Yung 1 Trail Pink Lateral
Adidas Yung 1 Trail Pink Medial
Adidas Yung 1 Trail Pink Back
Adidas Yung 1 Trail Pink Top
,Adidas Yung 1 Trail Pink Outsole

The adidas Yung-1 Hits the Trail with Pink Highlights
Release: TBC

Colourway: Trail

The adidas Yung-1 Trail is helping to keep the current off-road phenomenon pushing on, particularly when it flexes in this classic outdoors colour palette. The trail-ready version of the early-2000s favourite is about to arrive with a base of khaki hues and black, while touches of pink and a muted yellow bring the spice.

The rugged outsole promises to keep you upright in rough conditions, whether that be out in the great outdoors, or on the cobblestones of your favourite inner-city laneway.

Pairs are expected to release very soon, so keep an eye on adidas for the drop.

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