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The adidas UltraBOOST All Terrain is Going Places

The UltraBOOST All Terrain is a standout style among the latest lot of adidas releases. It’s a rugged, off-road runner with all the trimmings of a true go-anywhere shoe. By now you should be familiar with the benefits of BOOST, but if you’re not, just take our word for it: it’s the most comfortable, most responsive foam on the market.,

This new runner brings all that goodness to the road less travelled. Progressive design dominates. A high-cut Primeknit bootie lets you know the shoe means serious business and a sturdy heel cup locks things down for ample stability no matter the surface. A chunky BOOST sole is skinned with a heavily treaded Continental sole – perfect for digging into dirt or rubbing up on rock.

Men’s and women’s styles vary in their lacing structure and quarter support. While the men's version is built up with an armoured aesthetic, the women's iteration offers something different altogether.

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The women’s version is distinguished by its floating arch support. Between the toe and heel, the upper curves upward to leave a gaping channel that runs under the foot, which offers optimal support tailored to women's feet. The sensation, flexibility and response has been likened to that of a track spike, but now it can be taken anywhere.

The adidas UltraBOOST All Terrain and X All Terrain are available now from adidas stores, as well as online.

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