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The adidas Streetball Channels ‘Blink’ Yeezy 1 Colourway

Adidas Streetball Yeezy 2 BlinkAdidas Streetball Yeezy 2 Blink
Adidas Streetball Blink Right Side Shot
Adidas Streetball Blink Left Side Shot
Adidas Streetball Blink Heel Quarter Shot
Adidas Streetball Blink Sole Shot
Adidas Streetball Blink Front Quarter
Adidas Streetball Blink Above Shot

Taking a leaf out of book, are tapping into Kanye’s retro Yeezy line. This draws clear inspiration from the Nike Yeezy 1 ‘Blink’ colourway from 2009. It has the fuchsia accents on the collar, grey suede, and even the translucent green sole. To date, any pseudo diffusion Yeezy models have come from the brand that made the hype version – like Nike with the and adidas with the  – so it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any push back here.

Rumour has it that this pair will drop in 2020. We’ll let you know if any more familiar Yeezy colourways pop up in the meantime.

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