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Adidas T Mac Millennium 1 681X459 Sneaker Freaker Copy
Adidas T Mac Millennium 3 565X372 Sneaker Freaker
Adidas T Mac Millennium 2 565X372 Sneaker Freaker

Take a Look at T-Mac's Latest adidas Signature BOOST

Clear your eyes, it’s 2018 and T-Mac has linked up with adidas to produce another signature sneaker. Dubbed the adidas T-Mac Millennium, the model is a hybrid of the T-Mac 1, 2 and 3, and will launch in three distinct colourways: classic black leather, a more conservative red blue and white, and an all-over flame pattern.

The best part about all three? Full-length BOOST.

No release details yet, but prep by taking a look at the time T-Mac scored 13 points in 35 seconds for the Houston Rockets.

Now ReadingTake a Look at T-Mac's Latest adidas Signature BOOST
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