Ader Error Puma Rs 100 Computer Shoe 6
Ader Error Puma Rs 100 Computer Shoe 6
Ader Error Puma Rs 100 Computer Shoe 6

System Update: PUMA Reboot the OG 80s RS-Computer Shoe
Release: 1 September 2018

Colourway: N/A

As personal computing became affordable during the 1980s — and the term 'yuppie' entered modern dialect — a tech revolution was born. New possibilities were opened and nearly every industry was quick to experiment with digital technology. Not even the sneaker market was safe.

We saw a number of sportswear brands trial computer-powered footwear during the 1980s, but no tech-sperimental sneaker of the era stood out more than PUMA's 1986 RS-Computer Shoe. And when we say 'stood out', we mean it. With its chunky heel counter, the RS-Computer Shoe was impossible to ignore!

Despite the heel counter's bulky appearance, PUMA managed to squeeze a whole lot of tech into the RS-Computer Shoe. The pricey sneaker featured a plethora of sensors that were able to record your running data and packed enough memory to store a six-year running log. Owners could connect the module by cable to their home PC and print it out for the world to see.

While the RS-Computer Shoe's tech-less offshoot, the RS-100, has made its return in multiple forms over the past three decades, most recently this year, it was long believed we would never see the RS-Computer Shoe return. Well, it looks like we were wrong — almost. PUMA, together with the crew at South Korean streetwear label Adererror, have brought us the next best thing: an RS-100 colab stylised exactly like the RS-Computer Shoe, right down to the heel.

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Adererror's design is about as retro as it gets. It features a premium leather, mesh and suede construction pigmented with a quintessentially 80s tech colour scheme that pairs bright primary tones and neutral hues.

While true to the spirit of the RS-Computer Shoe, Adererror's design isn't a completely faithful retro of the original. It lacks the knobs and port at the rear and, most obviously, its signature 'computer'. Adererror have given us a glimpse of hope though. On their Instagram, they posted an image of an RS-Computer Shoe in a different colour scheme, complete with external tech components and a suspiciously modern USB cable hanging out the rear.

We're not sure if it's fully functioning, but we can confirm that PUMA will release this replica RS-Computer Shoe in highly limited quantities in the coming weeks.

The Adererror x PUMA collection releases globally on September 1 through PUMA's online store and select stockists, and includes the RS-100, as well as collaborative versions of the RS-0 and classic Suede.

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