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Supreme and Nike Go Logo Loco

Generally, we wouldn’t think of Supreme as being a particularly diplomatic brand, but their latest collaborative design with Nike seeks to prove otherwise.

Rather than siding with one particular NBA team or another, the New York brand have gone ahead and stamped their Air Force 1 with the logos of 30 different NBA teams and a few bogos for good measure. Talk about making the most of Nike’s NBA license. And if you’re having a slight flash of déjà vu, it may well be because Reebok utilised the exact same concept 15 or so years ago. The most noticeable difference being the distribution of real estate, Reebok opting to place the Denver Nuggets and LA Lakers logos on the prime toe spot, as opposed to the ‘Preme’s choice of Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs.

There isn’t any release info attached to the Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 NBA just yet, stay tuned.

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