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Super-Rare Three-Striped Nike Match Points On EBay

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No, your eyes don’t deceive you ­– a highly sought-after pair of 1972 Nike Match Points has appeared on eBay.

In creating one of the most famous (or should we say infamous) releases in the Nike's history, the company's designers made a huge unforced error, choosing to deck out the leather tennis shoe with a perforated three-stripe on the side panel. In fact, the shoe is one of the very few Nike silhouettes ever to ditch the all-too-familiar Swoosh.

After hitting retailers in 1972, it was a matter of months before the Nike Match Point was pulled from shelves. Legend has it that a rival company from Germany weren’t happy with the design ­– go figure. And we gotta admit, the shoe does share similarities with the classic . Nike rereleased the shoe the following year, swapping out the controversial stripes for a tiny Swoosh.

Made in Japan, the listed size US7.5 shoe has some discolouration due to age, but shows no sign of wear. And, with a ‘Buy It Now’ price tag of US$7500, the winner of this Match Point better have their fair share of prize money in the bank.

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