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Sub2: Fresh But Not A Race Winner

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and  are engaged in a head-to-head battle to see their marathon athletes cross the line in under two hours – and to be the first to do so. Nike’s highly publicised has caused a considerable stir and won a few races in the process; adidas' response, however, has been somewhat underwhelming.

At the recent Berlin marathon, Nike runner  was first to cross the line in VaporFlys – his time of 2:03:32 was an epic achievement considering the wet, humid and all-round non-marathon-friendly conditions. The Three Stripes' Wilson Kipsang, on the other hand, dropped out of the race at the 30km mark, taking his -equipped adizero Sub2 with him.

For what it’s worth, the shoe itself is pretty fresh. The marbled BOOST sole would look great on the ‘Gram, but if you’re looking to change the world of athletics, relying on five-year-old tech isn’t the right move. Of course, both athletes are phenomenally good at what they do – but this feels a like the footwear equivalent of adidas sending a go-cart out to take on a Nike F1 weapon.

The adidas adizero Sub2 won’t be going on sale to the public, but let’s hope we get to cash in on that marbled BOOST sole at some stage.

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