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Start Them Young With Tiny Air Max 90s

Nike Air Max Tiny 90 1
Nike Air Max Tiny 90 2

One of parenthood’s greatest joys (we're assuming) is lacing up your whipper-snapper to look just like a mini you. Now, you might resist at first – you might even cite the practice as lame. But you'll cave when you realise your wee one is a free pass back to your favourite pastime: sneaker shopping. And what better place to pick up where you left off than with a classic: . These teeny weeny versions, replete with an (almost) ‘Infrared’ colourway, come with straps instead of little laces cos, let's face it, you'll have your hands full already. There's even a miniature Air unit. Everyone's sneaker journey starts somewhere – why not right at life's very, very beginning?

The Air Max Tiny 90 will be available in Little Kids and Infant/Toddler sizing now from Nike online.

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