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Staple X Ewing 33 Hi (Pigeon)

UPDATE: Ewing and Staple still have their 'Pigeon' 33s locked in the coop, but we've just received word that they'll be setting them free on December 2. Practice some ornithology here, and be ready to pick them up from Ewing online.


The latest recipient of Jeff Staple’s signature ‘Pigeon’ colourway is the iconic Ewing 33 Hi. Made up with grey suede and a speckled midsole, the shoe features pops of a pinkish-red. Of course, no Staple sneaker would be complete without the silhouetted pigeon placed around with precision care.

There isn’t any info as to when the Staple x Ewing 33 Hi ‘Pigeon’ will drop, we’ll keep you posted.

– Originally published on November 19, 2016

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