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Soulection Gets Hands On With The Chuck Taylor All Star Ii Shield Canvas

Converse may have just unveiled their latest update to the formidable Chuck franchise – the Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas – but we’re already being treated to some on-foot action thanks to Hypetrak and the Soulection team. For those who aren’t familiar with the crew, Soulection are a collective that’s part label, part digital radio show, and part music management. Thanks to their weekly show on Apple Radio that showcases the crate digging efforts of the label founder Joe Kay, the group have carved out a presence as a bastion of cutting edge cultural taste.

Hypetrak linked with Soulection’s director of worldwide bookings/partnerships Julio Galvez, and artist Chris McClenney to discuss the ethos of the group. As Galvez explains, the crew have ‘worked hard to get our music to as many ears as possible and to spread as many good vibes as we can… now [we’re] broadcast in over 100 countries world-wide.’ This has afforded them the opportunity to ‘put our artists in front of such a large audience that it is inspiring everyone to elevate our game and motivating everybody to come even more correct.’ During the compelling chat, the pair decided take the Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas for a spin in the streets of Soho. The new iteration of the beloved silhouette adds a bevvy of features that are designed to withstand inclement elements.  Like its Chuck II predecessor, this All Star is packed with a Lunarlon sockliner, as well as a padded non-slip tongue and a micro-suede lining for comfort and durability.

Where this latest version shines is in the tech department. The sneaker has been treated with an all over wrap of water repellent Shield Canvas, meaning that when the sky clouds over raindrop will simply bead up on contact with the upper and slide right off. Additionally, Converse have taken the step of removing the medial eyelets that are normally found on the All Star – ensuring that no wayward puddles will leave you with a soggy sock. The sneaker has been reinforced with a gusseted tongue, while around the back the inclusion of reflective heel webbing lets people know you’re present when making night moves. The end result of all this re-tooling is a technological triumph – it’s the familiar sneaker that’s beloved universally, rebuilt to withstand the harsher elements.

Check out how they look on feet, and then head over to Hypetrak to read about how Soulection are helping shape the sound of tomorrow.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas is available right now from the Converse Melbourne Central Flagship store, and selected retailers around the globe.

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