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SONRA Proto (Chestnut)

In late-2016, Hikmet Sugoer debuted his new footwear venture – SONRA. Aiming to produce premium German-made shoes from locally-sourced leathers, the Solebox founder set about introducing an unprecedented level of quality to the rapidly expanding sneaker market. Launching with a special 'BAE' make-up of the brand's flagship Proto silhouette – limited to just 100 pairs that sold out instantly – SONRA has quickly developed a fanbase among sneakerheads that will settle for nothing less than the best. Now the brand is ready for its second release, switching out pink suede for rich 'Chestnut' veg-tanned leather. Sophisticated and sublime, the only downside is that this release is as limited as the last, with just 100 pairs to go around.

The SONRA Proto 'Chestnut' will see a super-limited release through select stockists on February, including Hanon. Judging by a placeholder image on SONRA's website, an online release through their webstore looks set for February 12.

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