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Solebox X Reebok 'Year of Fitness' Workout Lo
Release: 7 October 2017

Style Code: 1050019

Colourway: White

Solebox and Reebok’s ‘Year of Fitness’ Workout Lo Clean celebrate 90s fitness trends and all things aerobics. An upper of crispy white terry towelling (that you could conceivably use to dab your brow should your sweatbands soak through) sits atop a sole of glow-in-the-dark gum for nighttime jazzercise, presumably. In addition to fluoro insoles, a Lycra-like neoprene collar, and reflective Solebox branding on the heels and aglets, the sneakers come packaged in a gym-locker shoebox accompanied by a calisthenics-ready gym towel.

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