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,Solebox X Diadora Ic4000 Italia

Solebox X Diadora Ic4000 (Italia)

The fourth and final European contribution to Diadora's 'From Seoul to Rio' Collection comes to us from the heart of Germany. Deutschland retailer Solebox have conjured up a black banger of the most premium 'Made in Italy' construction. Supple leather, high-grade suede, soft mesh and 'fish skin' combine for a truly textural piece of footwear. Unlike the other IC4000s in the 'From Seoul to Rio' Collection, this make-up doesn't appear to have a connection to controversial athlete Ben Johnson – or at least one that is clear. Instead, Solebox's design pays respect to Diadora's homeland with green, red and white pops, together with representation of the tricolour flag represented on the outsole. The shoes come equipped with leather laces, as well as a second set of traditional laces featuring tricolour lace tips

The Solebox x Diadora IC4000 'Italia' will be available August 6 through Solebox, both in store and online.

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