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Skechers' Skeezy Yeezy Rip-Offs

Skechers Rip Off Yeezy ThumbSkechers Rip Off Yeezy Thumb
Skechers Rip Off Yeezy 6
Skechers Rip Off Yeezy 5
Skechers Rip Off Yeezy 4
Skechers Rip Off Yeezy 3
Skechers Rip Off Yeezy 2
Skechers Rip Off Yeezy 1

Skechers' copy and paste department has been in overdrive lately, amassing a stack of cease and desist orders like they’re some kind of hot commodity. It seems no one is safe from the rampant reappropriation agenda of America's second-largest athletic shoe company. The latest look in their line of cutting-edge facsimile fashion footwear has chomped a hefty chunk of inspiration from the with its streaked knit and orange accents – it even goes to far as to run the same stitch down the toe.

And if skeezy Yeezys weren’t tough enough on the old ocular nerve, the look has been adapted onto a round toe derby shoe. We’re not quite sure who the intended audience is for these ones – maybe trust fund kids waiting for their cash to clear?

Don’t accept imitations, fellow sneaker fiends, there’s no substitute for originality. Or is this what Kanye meant when he said we could all get a pair of Yeezys?

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