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Size? X Reebok Gelato Pack

There's a cult-like group of sneakerheads out there whose needs can only be satiated by squelching various foods through premium suedes, leathers and heat-bonded overlays. They're the sitophiliacs of the sneaker world and, we're sorry for informing you of them, but they must be getting crazy aroused with all of these food-themed sneakers getting pumped out. Those Krispy Kreme Kyries would definitely have been a must cop, and as for the DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 8s – well, those must have had them thinking crazy un-pure thoughts.

We're sure Size? didn't intend to, but their new Reebok Gelato pack has afforded food stompers hours of fresh YouTube material. Fair enough, the Reebok Classic Leather and Workout Plus are definitely enticing. Two renditions of each silhouette are covered in premium pigskin suede adorning sweet shades of the Italian dessert. The lighter is 'Opal', and the darker is a 'Sandy Taupe'.

The Size? x Reebok Gelato pack will be a Size? exclusive and is available from their website now.

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