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UPDATE: If you haven't copped yet, these are rolling out to K-Swiss retailers worldwide now.

Not just creators of some brilliant ad campaigns in recent years, K-Swiss have serious pedigree in tennis footwear. In 1966 they produced the first all-leather tennis shoe, which would become standard issue for professional players. As fashion and footwear technology moved forwards, K-Swiss updated their offering in 1989 with the Si-18 International. It was a mind-boggling amalgamation of innovations, from the complex cushioning to the D•R•Cinch lacing system that straddled the midfoot. Most importantly, it was a hit with players for its good feels and good looks. It's been far too long since we've seen it on the street but that's about to change, as it returns this weekend to just creep in and celebrate its 25th anniversary. The K-Swiss Si-18 International arrives at select retailers, including atmos, Sneakersnstuff, Blackrainbow, and Limieteditions, this Saturday, December 6.

- Originally Published December 4th, 2014

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