Shoes 53045 Bumpair Acid Three Quarter Angle Shot
Shoes 53045 Bumpair Acid Lateral Side Shot
Shoes 53045 Bumpair Acid Medial Side Shot
Shoes 53045 Bumpair Acid Sole Shot
Shoes 53045 Bumpair Acid Heel Shot
,Shoes 53045 Bumpair Acid Top Shot

Shoes 53045 Get Very Acidic With the Bump'Air
Release: 5 June 2019

Colourway: Citrus

Shoes 53045 made their debut in the chunky sneaker game with a mission to rival every and all kick that made a wearer’s foot look as big as a cinderblock. With hectic soles, bulbous air units, and major colour combinations, they’re really making a name for themselves. The latest to come from the brand that’s based in LA, but designs in Paris, is a citrus-inspired shoe dubbed the ‘Bump’Air Acid’. Arriving in an all-over yellow, white overlays add a little touch of contrast.

Along with two insoles for an adjustable fit, they also come with a midsole that’s larger than life. Pairs are available right now along with a few past colourways on the Shoes 53045 website.

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